Pinterest + Adsense to $10/day

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Ok this journey is way long overdue. In the past my problem has been not committing to one method and scale it up properly, so I always end up losing money in the long run. Hopefully this journey will keep me on track.

Like the title suggested I will try to make money driving traffic from Pinterest. Currently I have 2 accounts (on 2 different proxies), both are quite new so I don’t have a lot of followers.

As for bot I get a version of PinDominator from the giveaway thread. I’m still learning how to use the bot and haven’t been using it much though (except for the Following/Unfollowing module) since I want to do things manually for now to understand how Pinterest works. However when I scale up then this bot will come in handy

The goal for this journey is only $10/day – I know it is nothing for many people but for me it’s a decent start, plus I want my first goal to be a bit easy to achieve. If/When I reach $10/day then obviously I will make a new goal.

Wish me luck guys 😎 (And I’d really appreciate advice from anyone who has experience with Pinterest)

Hostwinds – Where YOU need to be!

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Hello everybody. I’ve been using a hosting company called "Hostwinds" for some time now, and it is honestly the BEST hosting company I’ve ever come accross! They’re extremely reliable, quick in setup time, and have OUTSTANDING customer service (not to mention a 24/7 live support chat). I’ve used a countless amount of web hosts in the past, and none of them can even slightly compare to the service I’ve gotten at Hostwinds. I would 110% recommend that you try out Hostwinds, I am certain that the decision would be an outstanding choice for a web host, which you will not regret. I would also like to give a personal shoutout to these few Support Agents over at Hostwinds: Toni Fritz, Nathan Powers, Kestutis Sulcas, John Low, Michael Armstrong and Simon Alby. These six Support Agents have been exceptional in providing me support when I needed it. I would also like to thank Hostwinds for providing me such a great service, and I hope to be apart of your company for years to come!

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Daniel Vyres.

Tits or GTFO?

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Mother ‘banned from fundraising site’ over topless pics

Tracy Kiss offered donors who gave over £10 a special thank you with a topless shot


A single mother of two is said to be shocked after being banned from a fundraising website for posting explicit pictures.

Tracy Kiss is a former glamour model who decided to offer donors on GoFundMe who gave over £10 a special thank you with a topless shot.

According to the Mirror, the 27-year-old said: "I was shocked when GoFundMe closed my fundraising page because of my controversial photo content violating their terms and conditions, which was a single topless photo that I’d censored by emoji hearts so didn’t actually expose anything.

"Bearing in mind a 12-rating in the cinema allows children to view topless images and nudity and simulate sex and violence; I presume the majority of the public using donation sites are well above the age of 12."

She added: "Charity shows such as The Full Monty and Calendar Girls showing men, women and pensioners stripping for charity is well received by the public."

The single mum is hoping to raise a total of £10,000 for a range of charities supporting the disabled, children and firefighters amongst others.

She said: "So long as people keep donating I’m happy to keep the pictures coming because it’s for so many worthwhile causes."

On her website, the former model also says: "I give money to support lifeboat charities and food for dogs."

Given that GoFundMe shut down her page, she has now moved her page to the Crowd Funder site and has raised more than £2,500 in total.

GoFundMe is a San Diego based company that provides a platform for people to raise money.…-topless-pics/

I would … donate.

Yo Yo Yo What’s good BHW?

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Hi. My name is Frank and I am new to BHW. Just trying to learn about Internet marketing because it’s something i plan to do for years if not the rest of my life. I need help with something. I want to become an advertiser on leadbolt and have my ads run in the content lockers. My first question is what is their pricing, do they charge by click or by lead/action? My second question is what kind of website do I need to create to advertise with them? How do I go about creating it? I remember there were sites where you had to put in your phone number to win something and get a verification code, how do I create a website like that and what affiliate programs use that method? Also there was another one where you had to fill out a survey to unlock content… My point is I want to create that type of website and then have my offer in the content locker of leadbolt publishers. I will pay for advertising I just want to know how to create a website with a paid affiliate link where users can fill out offers. I was thinking of creating a website where users have to
download my PC backup but will that work? What affiliate websites do I use for a leadbolt offer? Do I create a landing page and lead them to an affiliate link then have them submit proof on my website via contact form? Is there a code I can put on the website that will indicate offer is complete? How does a leadbolt offer work on the advertisers side? Is anyone here an advertiser with leadbolt and have there website running on content lockers? I need advice and information on advertising prices on leadbolt please Skype me if you can help me out. Thanks.